“Valuation is not a pure art and not a pure science but a perfect combination of both”

Valuation has become a common term in business today in India with corporate restructuring.

In today’s challenging corporate, regulatory, legal and accounting environment, there is a need for an independent valuation service, which are aligned with globally accepted practices. We as a valuation consultant having specialized experience in providing such valuation services to our clients.

These services are provided to assist clients with mergers, acquisitions; taxation planning and compliance; financial reporting; Insolvency & Bankruptcy and reorganization; litigation and dispute resolution; and strategic planning.

Business Valuation

Business valuation of the company is one of the indicators of growth. When we value a business we take into account the prevailing market scenarios. The valuation of a business is of prime most necessity when it comes to negotiations on mergers & acquisitions. A well established business may have deeper roots than what the financials suggest. The business valuation is not only affected by internal factors but also external factors. For Example: a certain policy decision by the Government may affect the valuation of a particular business enormously.

Fair Valuation for IFRS Valuation in Shareholder Disputes

With the new IND AS around the corner, many major Corporates have already started abiding by the IFRS / IND AS in phased manner. There are a number of places where a valuation report of an expert is required as per these accounting standards / other statutory provisions.

We provide valuation services in relation to:

  1. Valuation of unquoted companies
  2. Fairness Opinions/Independent value analysis your target or investee Cos.
  3. Merger & Acquisition
  4. Valuation of financial assets & liabilities
  5. Intangible Asset valuation
  6. Post acquisition disputes
  7. Valuation opinions and support in negotiations with tax authorities
  8. Intellectual property,
  9. Common and preferred stock and other securities,
  10. Partnership interests;
  11. Employee stock option plans (ESOPs).

However, with effect from February 01, 2019, only registered valuers can undertake valuation under
(i) the Companies Act, 2013 and
(ii) the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.